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Andromeda333 is a partnership created by Leila Joffe and Gwyneth Evans in October of 2008 with the vision of providing workshops, seminars and courses that empower others on their personal and professional journey.

Leila and Gwyneth, both experienced practising homeopaths, met in Wellington in 2000. Since then, their working relationship has grown, culminating in the formalisation of Andromeda333 as a vehicle for their commitment to provide a variety of opportunities for people to enhance their work and contribute to their self development.

The cumulative experience, both theoretical and practical, of Leila's and Gwyneth's health practices and teaching, has given them insights into what is needed by individuals and groups and the skills to facilitate growth and empowerment. Familiar with areas of "stuckness", their flexible, holistic approach, and their synergy, work together in a transformative process, enables you to free yourself from that "stuck place"; to expand and grow resulting in the enhancement of your life and work.
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