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Leila Joffe
Leila has had over 25 years of extensive experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist for adults and children in various education and health contexts in both New Zealand and internationally.

Her career in Homeopathy started in 1987 in Mexico City where, inspired by Dr Jose Matuk and Dr Jacques Imberechts, she understood the need to embrace a holistic health paradigm. She had completed a degree in Psychology and Education as well as having trained as a language teacher.

She later worked in a Business Management and Consulting company in Belgium as well as running her own counselling practice for nine years. It was in that part of the world that she finally had the opportunity to study Homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This school was run by Frans Vermeulen. She had the good fortune to be introduced at an early stage of her training to world renowned homeopaths who would go on to influence her own work and practice enormously.

She completed a postgraduate diploma with Alize Timmerman in the Hague, The Netherlands as well as another postgraduate course with Jeremy Sherr.

She has attended many seminars, conferences and workshops given by Jan Scholten, Declan Hammond, Divya Chabra, Frans Vermeulen, Dr Jayesh Shah, Dr Farokh Master, George Vithoulkas and Paul Herscu to name a few. She has also been to Mumbai, India to study with Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Leila has a special interest working with children and their future health concerns as well as holistic education. Together with a colleague, Claudia Routier she ran a Children's Clinic at the Devonport Community Centre making Homeopathy available to the wider public. Their innovative way of running a children's clinic has inspired the establishment of other such clinics in different parts of New Zealand.

Leila has also worked with children on the ASD spectrum collaborating with other practitioners who use the biomedical protocols to address this problem. She delivered a paper at the MINDD conference in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007 promoting the use of Homeopathy as a complementary discipline for such children.

Leila has also been training as a Family Constellation facilitator following the work of Bert Hellinger. She sees this work as an extension and valuable tool in her clinical practice.

Leila has been a tutor at the Wellington College of Homeopathy for the past four years and is passionate about teaching and her students.

Leila is also a founding director of Bodhi Education Consultants, a company dedicated to grow education for global wellbeing.

Andromeda is but a further expression of this commitment.
Gwyneth Evans
Gwyneth initially trained as a radiographer on leaving school and undertook homeopathy training while living in London. She says: "It was like finding what I wanted to be when I grew up - an interesting discovery when in one's thirties!"

Gwyneth has been in homeopathy private practice in Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand since 1987 and founded Wellington College of Homeopathy with the first intake of students in February 1991.

Over the years Gwyneth has undertaken studies of many complementary and alternative healing modalities including graduating Reflexology in 1997, Aura-Soma, Shamanic healing, Mirimiri, Homeobotanicals and Flower essences. Also, more recently, she completed training as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Attendance at numerous international homeopathic seminars has given a broad base to her homeopathic teaching and practice. These have included a ten day seminar in The Netherlands with Alize Timmerman, seminars with Dr Rajan Sankaran, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, Frans Vermeulen, Anne Schadde, Paul Herscu, Declan Hammond (to name but a few) and most recently, in April 2009, an eight day intensive with Dr Jayesh Shah and Dr Dinesh Chauhan in India.

Overseas presentations include papers or teaching in Malaysia, Hobart, Sydney, Washington DC, Phoenix Arizona in USA and Leuven in Belgium.

Gwyneth published articles in NewZ, Homeopathy Today, American Homeopath and Links and she has edited and published Homeopathy NewZ since April 2005.

Gwyneth maintains a personal spiritual practice which underpins her clinical practice and her teaching.

Gwyneth has always been heavily involved with service to homeopathy, both in New Zealand and internationally. She was elected as the inaugural President of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH) when it was formed in 1999 from the amalgamation of three former registers of homeopaths. Prior to that she had been Chairperson of the former Institute of Classical Homeopaths for many years, while also serving on the Registration Sub-Committee. Gwyneth continues to serve the NZCH as a Mentor, Assessor and Media Officer. She was awarded a Life Membership of NZCH in 2008.

Through the 1990s, Gwyneth was Chairperson of the Expert Panel which was involved with writing the NZ Qualifications Authority Unit Standards for Homeopathy which lead to the National Diploma of Homeopathy.

Currently (2009/2010) she is facilitating one of the groups which are undertaking the review of the International Guidelines for Homeopathic Education.

She is the NZCH representative to the International Council for Homeopathy. In July 2009 Gwyneth was elected Chairperson of the International Council for Homeopathy.
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